If you have an idea and you are truly serious about bring it to fruition,

I charge a small one time fee of $149.95 for my services and I do not need to or want to know what your invention is about, (You should never tell anyone about your ideas before you have them properly protected)

I will download or mail to you all of the necessary steps that you will need to take to protect your intellectual property. If you are not serious, please do not waste your $$$ or my time, becoming an inventor is a serious undertaking, but not difficult when you understand the proper procedure‚Ķ

"Close yours your eyes for a second, then open and look around you, everything you see was just a though in some ones mind."

All inventions are not necessarily a new idea, some are new innovations to  products that already exist. (Case in point) Your great, great, great grandmother use to iron with a piece on metal shaped like an iron with a handle, she had 4 or 5 and she heated them on a wood burning stove, when one got cold she would reach and get another one and so on, however when we started to use electric lights someone put a coil and a cord on the iron, now we have an electric iron (an invention) but with a little problem, every few minutes she would have to unplug it to let is cool off, next a man decided to put a dial on the iron, now she could iron by setting it to the proper temperature(an invention)next a man saw Mom sprinkling water on the clothes before ironing, so he built a tank inside the iron, now we have a steam iron (an invention) and now there is a little button that you can press to spray water as you iron (an invention) Four new inventions added to an old iron and each inventor got paid very well. Dr Jackson

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