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   In January 2009 this entity was formed in Hawthorne, CA, to aid new inventors and other creative individuals on the procedures and methods relative to acquiring protection for their intellectual property i.e: patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

   In the world of inventing there are a lot of myths, distortions, and untrue rhetoric concerning the patent process. There are quite a number of invention submission organizations that have ripped off and outright defrauded new potential inventors. Dr. Jackson has come up with a plan to share his experience and expertise in this area. He is the holder of six U.S. patents in the areas of Television electronics, Female fertility prediction, and Female Cycle Indicators.

    Dr. Jackson has been inventing for more than thirty years. When he was a young boy, objects that he could disassemble and then reassemble fascinated him. He has always had the ability to see things as they could be, not as they were. His early inventive efforts lead to the precursor of the V-chip, technology that is used in the television industry that blocks out violent and objectionable programs that could be seen be young children, and the creation of the Programmable Television Receiver Controller and other innovative devices for the TV industry. His fascination with technology and electronics naturally led him to create a modernized version of an ancient idea. In other words, the old-fashioned "rhythm method" has gone high tech.

         His expertise and knowledge has gained worldwide attention and respect. A few years back he was called upon by the four major networks in the television industry to testify before the House of Representatives and several Senators and Congressmen regarding TV violence. He was utilized as a consultant, to demonstrate the control parents would have with his technology and  the affordability of the device and the simplicity of implementation by concerned parents.



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